Andrew and Stephen (2)

Andrew and Stephen

Being married is something we hadn’t thought was possible for us, and so we had a blessing back in 2005, five years after we met. We held it at the Vicarage, it was taken by a priest friend and attended by family and friends but it was a private occasion that many didn’t know about. When it became possible to marry, and 14 years into our love for each other, it just seemed right to be public and confident in our relationship. Society had changed and become far more welcoming and accepting. Sadly the Church of England had become much more intolerant and less willing to embrace and acknowledge the lives and loves of the very many gay and lesbian Christians in its ministry and congregations. The fuss around our marriage was tiresome but what has been wonderful is the discovery of a new sense of permanence, of strength, of depth, of blessing in being together. I look at my wedding ring every day and it means so much to me. I pray for the day when it will be possible for that ring to be blessed in Church as our marriage has been blessed by God.