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LLF – Patience & Pain 17 October 2021 by Peter Leonard The Venerable Peter Leonard is Archdeacon of the Isle of Wight and Chair of OneBodyOneFaith. In this article he explores how discussions about sexuality in the Church of England – including Living in Love and Faith – are unsafe, painful and costly for LGBTQIA+ Christians. This article was… ... Read more
General Synod: Compromise & Conscience 15 October 2021 by Charlie Bell The Revd Dr Charlie Bell is a Fellow at Girton College, Cambridge and curate at St John the Divine, Kennington. In this article, first published in, he calls for a willingness to recognise one another’s integrities, respect the consciences of those with whom we disagree, and… ... Read more
Dr Christina Beardsley: Why I left the Bishops’ sexuality project 22 September 2021 by Christina Beardsley The Revd Dr Christina Beardsley (Tina) is a retired healthcare chaplain, researcher, speaker, author, and honorary assistant priest at St John’s Church, Fulham, London. A long-time advocate for trans inclusion in the Church, Tina was appointed in 2017 as a consultant to the Co-ordinating Group of the… ... Read more
On the outside Looking in 22 September 2021 by Sara Gillingham Sara Gillingham was a lay member of the Church of England but left the C of E as a result of the distressing experiences described in this article. She was invited to join the LLF project because she is a Christian with intersex traits, and she contributed… ... Read more
Disturbing advice to evangelical candidates for General Synod 10 September 2021 by Phil Gardner Phil Gardner is a member of the Equal Campaign's organising group. A lay Anglican, he is on the synod of the deanery to which his parish church belongs in the Diocese of Leeds. He is thus an elector in the forthcoming Church of England elections to General… ... Read more
A fly on the wall 6 September 2021 by Charlie Bell On Monday 6 September the Governing Body of the Church in Wales voted, after a passionate and moving debate, to allow the blessing of same-sex marriages and civil partnerships in its churches, and authorised a liturgy to be used in these services. Charlie Bell reflects on what… ... Read more
How I changed my mind about same-sex marriage 30 July 2021 by Francis Spufford This is an engaging personal story and also a persuasive argument. The Church's current dispute about who can get married is the latest example of a process that has gone on throughout Christian history, right back to New Testament times. Change comes about when the Church realizes… ... Read more
Sex on the brain 29 June 2021 by Paul Bayes This article is the keynote address given on 26 June 2021 at the recent national conference of MoSAIC, the Movement of Supporting Anglicans for an Inclusive Church. MoSAIC is a coalition bringing together campaigns on issues such as race, ability, sexuality, gender, and gender identity. The Rt… ... Read more
Why marriage matters 11 May 2021 by Charlie Bell This article was written in response to an article by Andrew Bunt in Premier Christianity magazine which opposed equal marriage. Premier accepted Charlie Bell's offer to write a reply, but when they received it they said they were unable to publish it owing to 'website issues'. It… ... Read more
Relationships, 40 years on 8 November 2019 by Savi Hensman Savitri Hensman was born in Sri Lanka and lives in London. She is a writer and activist working in the voluntary sector, and is an associate of Ekklesia. This article was published in the Church of England Newspaper (CEN). Forty years after a Church of England report… ... Read more