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Why marriage matters 11 May 2021 by Charlie Bell This article was written in response to an article by Andrew Bunt in Premier Christianity magazine which opposed equal marriage. Premier accepted Charlie Bell's offer to write a reply, but when they received it they said they were unable to publish it owing to 'website issues'. It… ... Read more
Relationships, 40 years on 8 November 2019 by Savi Hensman Savitri Hensman was born in Sri Lanka and lives in London. She is a writer and activist working in the voluntary sector, and is an associate of Ekklesia. This article was published in the Church of England Newspaper (CEN). Forty years after a Church of England report… ... Read more
Equal Marriage – the key to the (quadruple) lock 15 October 2019 by Savi Hensman Savitri Hensman was born in Sri Lanka and lives in London. She is a writer and activist working in the voluntary sector. She is an associate of Ekklesia and has published a number of articles; her book Sexuality, Struggle and Saintliness: Same-Sex Love and the Church was published… ... Read more
Enlarging marriage 13 July 2019 by Michael Sadgrove The Very Revd Michael Sadgrove, who before his retirement was Dean of Durham, has long supported equal marriage in the Church. We are very grateful to him for writing this excellent article for the Equal Campaign, demonstrating that our case is 'built on a solid theological and… ... Read more
Whatever happened to the Bible in the marriage canon debate? 28 June 2019 by Sylvia Keesmaat This is an article from the Empire Mixed website.  It is part of a series in response to the debate in the Anglican Church of Canada to changing its canons to open marriage to same-sex couples.  It is part of the increasingly strong argument for looking again… ... Read more
Evangelical Anglican disarray on same-sex marriage 26 June 2019 by Christopher Brittain Christopher Brittain is the Dean of Divinity and Margaret E. Fleck Chair in Anglican Studies at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. The following is an article in which he examines the attempts of some leading evangelical theologians to address same-sex marriage and the rise of… ... Read more
Does the Bible really… say that St Paul ‘hates gays’? 21 June 2019 by Marcus Green The Revd Marcus Green is Rector of Steeple Aston, author of The Possibility of Difference and a member of the Living in Love and Faith project. He is an evangelical writer, and this is an interesting piece. For those of us not in the evangelical tradition it… ... Read more
Anne Lister (Gentleman Jack) and equal marriage 20 June 2019 by Andrew Lightbown The Revd Andrew Lightbown is the Rector of the Winslow Benefice in the Diocese of Oxford.  He writes regularly on issues such as leadership, economics, mental health, human sexuality and the nature of the church. For many years I have enjoyed watching Sunday evening dramas on television.… ... Read more
Has ‘homosexual’ always been in the Bible? 12 June 2019 A fascinating article on translations and their influence on what the Church teaches and what Christians think.  The word 'homosexual' wasn't invented until 1869 (in German), and only entered into English translations of the Bible in 1946.  This article traces how that happened, and questions why. Ed Oxford is a… ... Read more
An Invitation to the Feast: A positive biblical approach to equal marriage 12 June 2019 by Simon Taylor This excellent article by Simon Taylor, Canon Chancellor of Derby Cathedral, is taken from Modern Believing, the journal of Modern Church.  Many of us are looking for strong arguments based firmly on Scripture and this is one of the best in an increasing field of research, study… ... Read more