Thinking Again About Marriage

book cover

Thinking Again About Marriage: Key theological questions (2016)

Author(s): John Bradbury, Susannah Cornwall (editors)

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780334053699

Suitable for: academics

This book is about the theology of marriage in general, but it assumes equal marriage throughout and deal with the issues this involves. It is therefore included in this list.

What is involved in the practice of thinking theologically about marriage? Key writers and thinkers offer an informed, considered and constructive guide to a number of central questions. Reflecting a broad theological and eccesiological spectrum within the Christian tradition, Thinking Again About Marriage offers a vital resource for critical thinking and reflective practice.


“This is a very good book. It contains a variety of approaches and themes and it is very well and concisely written. Reading it for the first time helped me to think more critically about some issues concerning the theology of marriage. I know that when I read it again (which I certainly will) there will be more food for thought.” — Sarah Jones