Tell the Bishops

An Equal Campaign Action

This Campaign Action has now finished, because the LLF consultation period ended on 30 April 2022. Many thanks to everyone who took part. Please pray that the feedback received by LLF and the bishops will help to change minds and hearts.

A brief report will be posted here when the Action has been analysed. Meanwhile, here is the original text.

Thank you for your interest in our Campaign Action Tell the Bishops. You will be able to tell the House of Bishops about what it’s really like to be an LGBTQIA+ Christian in the Church of England, what we believe needs to change, and why we believe that. (It isn’t, of course, about telling them what to do!)

Click on the bars below for an overview of the Action:

Why should we do this?

The Church of England needs to change. The Church must repent of its institutional homophobia. It should affirm and celebrate LGBTQIA+ people and their/our relationships. It should stop discriminating against and penalizing those who marry someone of the same sex. Instead it should rejoice to marry loving same-sex couples.

Why now?

It’s urgent! The Living in Love and Faith consultation is finishing on 30 April 2022. We have just over two months to call for change. Most of the ‘Next Steps’ group of bishops want some kind of change, but they need to hear a clear message from the wider church. We must grasp this opportunity. Our opponents certainly will.

Who can take part?

The Action is open to everyone, not just signed-up Supporters of the Equal Campaign. All we ask is that you agree with our aims.

Not LGBTQIA+? All the better! You can show the bishops that straight Christians also see the vital need for change and are willing to stand with their queer sisters and brothers.

What's involved?

There are three tasks, all of which are optional – though we hope you will do as many as you can. Our wizard guides you through them, and additional help is available. It’s not difficult, and it won’t take up too much of your time. Why not make it part of your Lenten practice this year?

The tasks are:

  • Fill out the LLF Survey
  • Invite others to join this Action
  • Contact your bishops directly

Start now

Take part in the Action by clicking the ‘Start the Action’ button below and filling out the form: