Christians Grace and Jess are engaged to be married …

This is an excellent BBC programme about a young gay Christian couple, Grace and Jess, who are shortly to be married.

Here’s the BBC description: “Christians Grace and Jess are engaged to be married and are about to move into their first home together: a canal boat. Saying goodbye to family, friends and the church community they have been a part of for the last five years is a huge change, and they are relying on their faith to help them make the move. In the past, the pair have struggled with being gay and Christian, and they have not always found acceptance. Once settled on their new boat, they look to find a church and a community that will welcome them.”

It’s an episode called ‘Settling Down’ in a BBC series called A Believer’s Guide to …. It’s at and will be available for more than a year.

It’s a very good programme and is valuable for the Equal Marriage Campaign, as it shows in depth the joys and troubles of a lovely same-sex Christian couple as they approach their marriage, with almost entirely positive comment from other Christians.