C of E clergy – would you marry same-sex couples when it’s allowed?

An Equal Campaign Action

For those who don’t read long posts, here’s the link: https://ring.cofe-equal-marriage.org.uk/solemnize-ssm/

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Later this year the bishops of the Church of England will be meeting to review the ‘Living in Love and Faith’ process and to agree proposals to bring to General Synod in February 2023. At the recent Lambeth Conference, the Archbishop of Canterbury acknowledged the integrity of a fully affirming and inclusive vision for the Church as part of the Anglican theological tradition.

The Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England works for that affirming and inclusive vision. We would like to demonstrate to the bishops that a substantial number of serving clergy in the Church believe in our vision for equal marriage – not only in principle but in practice, when same-sex marriage in church is allowed here in England.

We are therefore compiling a list of serving clergy (those with licences and PTO in the C of E) who would be willing to solemnize the marriages of same-sex couples in church when it’s legal to do so, and we invite you to add your name to the list, which is secure and confidential.

We will not disclose the names of those on the list to the public or to the bishops – or indeed to anyone else. This is because we know that some clergy serve in parishes or in dioceses where it is still difficult to be open about such views, and we wish to ensure that priests can record their support with confidence that it will remain private. Each name will be checked by a trusted independent auditor against the C of E National Register of Clergy (licensed or with PTO), and only those on the Register will be included in the list.

The list will be used solely for the purpose of compiling totals of clergy known to be willing to conduct same-sex marriages when they can do so. Adding your name to it doesn’t make you a Supporter of the Equal Campaign (though of course we should be delighted if you decide to become a Supporter, if you’re not already one).

If you want to be part of this, please follow the link below and add your details. If you know of others who might like to be included, please pass this message on. And thank you – change is coming to the Church of England, and with your help it can be the change we believe in and want to see happen.

Nigel Pietroni
Chair, The Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England

Here’s the link: https://ring.cofe-equal-marriage.org.uk/solemnize-ssm/

If you’re a lay member of the Church of England, and you know any inclusive clergy who might want to add their name to the list, please contact them and pass on the invitation – you could send this PDF version to them. Please bear in mind that they might perhaps have already received it.