Equal calls upon its supporters to get the message out to the wider Church

Equal, the Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England, has called upon its supporters to get their laptops, phones and ipads out and recruit supporters to the cause.

Since launching the Open Letter to the Bishops has attracted a steady stream of signatories, and by the end of the first day had reached over 400 signatories.  What is significant is that these signatories represent a wide cross section of the Church of England, from senior clergy to members of parish churches up and down the country.  And the number is growing all the time.  The aim is to reach as many of the faithful regular worshipers as possible to show the strength of feeling in this Campaign and the pressure for change.

Equal has suggested that supporters get the laptops and mobile devices out and speak to friends and family, members of their churches and at their places of work and help people sign up to the Open Letter. Each signatory needs their own email account, and will have to verify their signature.  The Campaign spokesperson said

‘We want this to be a Campaign that truly represents and includes the people in the pews who have shown themselves time and again, over the ordination of women and the remarriage of divorcees, more generous and warm hearted and with a greater sense of natural justice than their leaders.’