Resources about Equal Marriage


The books listed below are specifically about equal marriage. They are in alphabetical order of title. Click on the book titles for full details of each book. A much larger curated list of affirming books that have been found helpful by LGBTI+ Christians and their allies can be found here: Recommended Books.

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More Perfect Union

by Alan Wilson

Suitable for: all Christians, especially Anglicans

Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, analyses the arguments for and against the marriage of same-sex couples in the Church and concludes unequivocally that the Church of England should accept and celebrate equal marriage.

Suitable for: all Christians, especially Anglicans

Essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the theology of same-sex relationships in a Christian context. Dr Jeffrey John was Dean of St Albans until 2021.

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Reasonable and Holy

by Tobias Stanislas Haller

Suitable for: theologically literate Christians, especially Anglicans

Reasonable and Holy presents a calm, reasoned argument for why same-sexuality is part of God’s creation and takes nothing away from opposite-sex couples and institutions. It shows how the marriage of same-sex couples fits well within the Christian understanding of marriage when examined in the light of Scripture, tradition and reason.

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Thinking Again About Marriage

by John Bradbury, Susannah Cornwall (editors)

Suitable for: academics

This book is about the theology of marriage in general, but it assumes equal marriage throughout and deal with the issues this involves. It is therefore included in this list.

What is involved in the practice of thinking theologically about marriage? Key writers and thinkers offer an informed, considered and constructive guide to a number of central questions. Reflecting a broad theological and eccesiological spectrum within the Christian tradition, Thinking Again About Marriage offers a vital resource for critical thinking and reflective practice.

Suitable for: all Christians, especially Anglicans

In her new book, Clare Herbert is trying to push the Church of England’s all-too-familiar conversation on same-sex relationships into new territory. Instead of setting the authority of particular biblical texts against the integrity of personal experience, the author wants the Church to look at the unique experience of same-sex couples through the lens of ‘queer theology’. She wants to square the unproductive circle of current debates.


The videos listed below are specifically about equal marriage.

Christians Grace and Jess are engaged to be married … 29 April 2022 This is an excellent BBC programme about a young gay Christian couple, Grace and Jess, who are shortly to be married. Here's the BBC description: "Christians Grace and Jess are engaged to be married and are about to move into their first home together: a canal boat. Saying goodbye to… ... Read more
It’s time for Equal Marriage 26 April 2022 This short video, produced in April 2022, is our 'creative response' to the Church of England's 'Living in Love and Faith' project; we are submitting it to the LLF 'Next Steps' group to help guide the bishops as they consider the way forward for the Church. Please feel free to… ... Read more