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Welcome to the Equal Marriage Store, where you can buy badges, tea towels and in due course other merchandise. Doing so benefits the Equal Campaign in two ways: first, and most important, it spreads our message that change is urgently needed in the Church of England to treat everyone fairly and justly when they decide to get married; and secondly the profit we make on each sale, small though it is, goes towards enabling our campaigning work.

You can make this support even more effective by buying items not just for yourself but to give away to family, friends, people at church – anyone you think might appreciate them, in fact. And, if you want to, you can add a donation, of whatever size you wish, on the shopping basket/cart page as you check out.

If you have already added items to your shopping basket, you can view them here before checking out or continuing to shop for more items.

Sorry – at present we are only able to accept orders for delivery within the United Kingdom.

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