Forthcoming Campaign Action: Speak Truth to Bishops

New Campaign Action to inform the House of Bishops why we believe the Church must marry same-sex couples

The Living in Love and Faith consultation is finishing on 30 April 2022. We have just over two months to call for change.

Most of the ‘Next Steps’ group of bishops want some kind of change, but they need to hear a clear message from the wider church. We must grasp this opportunity. Our opponents certainly will.

This is why the Equal Marriage Campaign is launching a new Action to encourage our supporters and other like-minded people to leave the bishops in no doubt what they should do, and why.

The Action will involve:

  • Filling out the official LLF survey
  • Perhaps getting in touch with the ‘Next Steps’ group in other ways
  • Sharing what you’ve said with Equal, to help us make our own submission to the bishops and summarize the views of those who take part
  • Letting others know about the Action and encouraging them to take part too.

At each stage we will provide guidance, help, suggestions and encouragement.

This Campaign Action is coming very soon! Look out for details on our website, our Facebook group and our Twitter feed – or email us at

Of course, you don’t have to wait! If you want to, feel free to jump the gun and fill out the LLF survey now at But if you do, please still sign up for the Action and join in the other stages.