God Knows I’m Gay

Photo of the Revd Dr Joel Love
The Revd Dr Joel Love is vicar of St Peter with St Margaret, Rochester.

On 12 February 2022 this superb radio programme was broadcast on BBC Radio 4. It is part of the series ‘Archive on 4’.

God Knows I’m Gay is a must-listen programme for everyone who wants to understand the experiences and reflections of a now openly gay priest in the Church of England.

Here is the BBC’s summary of the programme:

Twelve years ago, Joel Love was at theological college, training to become a vicar. He was an openly gay man, but in accordance with the Church of England’s regulations, he was not allowed to be involved in an active, same-sex relationship. During this time he kept an audio diary, reflecting on his faith and his sexuality.

A decade on, Joel reflects back on his experiences and hears from other members of the clergy who share their stories of faith, hope and love.

Presented by Rev Dr Joel Love

The other members of the clergy whom Dr Love talks with include the Revd Sarah Jones, the Rt Revd Cherry Vann (Bishop of Monmouth), and the Revd Jeremy Pemberton.

God Knows I’m Gay is 57 minutes long and can be listened to or downloaded from https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0014fs4. It should be available for at least a year, but in case of difficulties it can be downloaded from here.

The Revd Dr Joel Love is vicar of St Peter with St Margaret, Rochester, and was previously curate at Lancaster Priory.