General Synod 2021: Inclusive Candidates

The 2021 elections for the General Synod of the Church of England are now upon us – voting opens this Friday! This is an absolutely crucial election, as it will effectively decide whether the Church is willing to move forward to become more inclusive.

The Equal Campaign has been working with Inclusive Church and other groups to find and support inclusive candidates. We are now able to unveil the list of Supported Candidates. There are 221 candidates who have all signed up to the following election statement:

“I am committed to equality for everyone, at all levels and roles within the church, regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, socio-economic status, mental health or sexuality.”

This is the biggest group of inclusive candidates ever standing for General Synod, more than twice the number at the last election.

List of Supported CandidatesNow we need people to vote for these great candidates and to spread the word about them. Anyone on a deanery synod can vote (so all licenced clergy and all parish lay reps on deanery synod), and every vote matters.

You can really help by forwarding the list on to people who might be interested, particularly if they can vote. Clergy, please share this with your deanery synod reps and any clergy colleagues who would be interested. Even if you’re not an Anglican, please share this news item with any of your friends who are.

If you are an elector, please bear the list in mind over the next three weeks as you decide which candidates to vote for. Read the inclusive candidates’ election statements, and perhaps contact them if you have questions – or just to wish them well. There is some very helpful Guidance for Voters as a preamble to the list.

Voting opens on Friday 17 September and closes on Friday 8 October.