Marcus Green, a leading Evangelical, writes in support of Equal

Marcus Green, Rector of Steeple Ashton and member of the Living in Love and Faith process, has written a blog welcoming the launch of Equal.  You can find his blog posts here

EQUAL is a new campaign, seeking to enable same-sex couples to marry within the Church of England.

The law currently allows any heterosexual couple living in a parish to marry in their local church (regardless of creed, race, age or – often – previous marital status) whilst a faithful worshipping gay couple are prevented by the same law from celebrating their marriage in a C of E church.

EQUAL seeks to redress this imbalance. It also seeks to enable clergy who want to marry someone of the same sex to do so. And, importantly, it aims to achieve all of this while protecting both the conscience of those who in good faith cannot conduct such marriages, and enabling all clergy who wish to provide this pastoral care.

Usually, I am against signing online letters and things of this nature, but in this case I am glad to have made an exception! This isn’t a negative body or a complaint machine: it is a campaign that seeks to bring equality for every person while respecting those who disagree. I am delighted to say I have signed the campaign letter, and wholeheartedly encourage others to do the same.

People are people. Love is love. God’s love is for everyone.

Click here to go to the EQUAL site, and join their campaign.