‘Meetings with LGBTQ reps at Lambeth Palace were fruitful’

In today’s Church Times [8 October 2022] is an interesting article entitled ‘Bishops say meetings with LGBTQ reps at Lambeth Palace were fruitful’. This refers to the meetings on 30 September – see https://cofe-equal-marriage.org.uk/llf-next-steps-historic-meetings/.

The article includes some good quotes from the journalist’s interview with Equal’s Chair, The Revd Nigel Pietroni, that took place after the meetings. Nigel and the other reps of inclusive groups also thought the meetings had been fruitful; Professor Helen King, vice-chair of the General Synod’s Gender and Sexuality Group (GSGSG), described the bishops as “genuinely wanting to listen”.

The Church Times article is at https://www.churchtimes.co.uk/articles/2022/7-october/news/uk/bishops-say-meetings-with-lgbtq-reps-at-lambeth-palace-were-fruitful. If you’re not a CT subscriber, you can read two articles per month, or four articles if you register.