Methodist Church moves closer to marriage equality.

The Methodist Church has moved a step closer to recognizing gay marriages in a new Report entitled ‘God in Love Unites Us‘, and which was drawn up by the Methodist Church’s Marriage and Relationships Task Group.

The Report comes at the end of a long process of reflection and study, and it will be put before the Methodist Conference which will take place in Birmingham from June 27 to July 4. It will then go to local Churches for discussion before a final vote in 2020.

Methodists currently accept married gay and lesbian as ministers and the Report recommends allowing local Churches to decide whether to register for same sex marriages, after appropriate local consultation and approval.

Dignity and Worth, which has been campaigning within Methodism for this change for some years welcomed the news said:

We have followed closely the work of the Task Group since it was set up by the Methodist Conference of 2016 and have committed ourselves to praying regularly for their work. We know that every member of the Group has given of themselves and made themselves vulnerable in the work they have undertaken on behalf of the whole Church, and we record our deep thanks.

Now that the report is available, we call on our members to download it and read it carefully. We will, in due course, produce a more detailed response to its recommendations, but urge as many people across the Connexion as possible to study the contents in order to engage both in the debates in Conference and in discussions locally.