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Book for our next LLF Zoom Workshop (two evening sessions) 22 June 2021 An Inclusive Introduction to Living in Love and Faith: A Zoom workshop to explore the content of the LLF resources from an inclusive perspective The Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England invites you to join us for two consecutive Tuesday evening Zoom sessions to explore the content… ... Read more
Church of Scotland moves closer to allowing ministers to conduct same-sex marriages 25 May 2021 The Church of Scotland, which is Presbyterian rather than Anglican, is the national church of Scotland, and in recent years the Church of England has been making overtures towards closer ecumenical relations with it – although our sister Province of the Anglican Communion in Scotland is the Scottish Episcopal Church… ... Read more
Back by popular demand – our Zoom Workshop on LLF 16 May 2021 An Inclusive Introduction to Living in Love and Faith: A workshop to explore the content of the LLF resources from an inclusive perspective Following the success of the pilot workshop on Saturday 10 April, we are offering two more of these workshops, on Tuesday 25th and Saturday 29th May. They… ... Read more
Our Statement on the CDM process initiated against the Revd Robert Thompson 11 May 2021 Statement from the Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England on the CDM process initiated against the Revd Robert Thompson, Vicar of SS Mary and James, West Hampstead The Campaign has learned of the launch of a Clergy Disciplinary Measure (CDM) case against the Revd Robert Thompson with… ... Read more
Theology professors blast Vatican gay union stance 22 March 2021 Leaders of the Catholic churches in German-speaking countries – including priests, bishops and theologians – are speaking out against the Vatican hard line on gay people and same-sex unions. If only there were more outspokenness like that in the Church of England, and especially that our bishops would stop toeing… ... Read more

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Living in Love and Faith – Official Press Release 9 November 2020 The Church of England’s Living in Love and Faith resources were published on 9 November 2020, along with a press release, copied here for convenience: Living in Love and Faith resources published as bishops issue appeal to Church to ‘listen and learn together’ 09/11/2020 The Church of England has published a landmark… ... Read more
Thank God for equal marriage – a talk by Jeffrey John 22 November 2019 Jeffrey John to speak on marriage equality at St George's Westcombe Park Jeffrey John, the Dean of St Albans [update: until 2021] and a hero to the movement for equality in the Church of England, is speaking on marriage equality as part of a lecture series held at St George's,… ... Read more
New Equal Campaign poster: Equal Marriage Vows 4 July 2019 Our 'marriage vows' tea towels have been extremely popular, so we have produced a poster with a similar design, adapted for A4 paper (or A3 etc) and in three colours. The poster, with the Campaign name and logo, shows part of the marriage vows from the Common Worship marriage service –… ... Read more
Ecuador legalizes same-sex marriage 13 June 2019 Gay Times has reported on the latest country to legalize same-sex marriage. Ecuador’s highest court has ruled in favour of same-sex marriage. On Wednesday 12 June, the Constitutional Court in capital city Quito voted five-to-four to introduce marriage equality for LGBTQ people in the small South American nation, following in… ... Read more
Botswana decriminalizes homosexuality. 12 June 2019 Around the world there are many places where to be gay is illegal, but the number has just reduced by one (there are still 71 places where being gay is criminalised).  Botswana's High Court has just struck down colonial era legislation ( 10th June 2019).  This victory for justice and… ... Read more
Nigerian Anglican Church continues its persecution of gay clergy 22 May 2019 Various news sites are reporting that four more priests in the Anglican Church of Nigeria have been dismissed for 'homosexual practices'. Their dismissal and defrocking follows similar actions against two other priests less than two weeks ago. News of the action has been reported by the Episcopal Café and others. The… ... Read more
Via Media publishes theological articles on marriage and human sexuality 21 May 2019 The Ozanne Foundation is publishing a series of 10 articles on key issues. Many of us have been looking for easily accessible and readable articles on the theology of human sexuality, and the biblical case for inclusion.  Via Media News is starting a series of 10 articles on key issues,… ... Read more
Taiwan legalizes the marriage of same-sex couples 18 May 2019 On 17 May 2019 the Taiwanese parliament (legislative assembly) passed an Act to legalize marriage between two people of the same sex – the first country in Asia to do so. The Act comes into force on 24 May, just in time to comply with a deadline set by the… ... Read more
Send us your badge photographs 8 May 2019 Campaign badges are selling like hotcakes, so if you have not got yours yet get your order in now.  And do send us photographs of where yours is seen. ... Read more
The Rebel Priest ‘Gay people in the Church are not going to go away’ 8 May 2019 Fr Andrew was interviewed by the Guardian recently about his new post at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, the work of the Campaign and the challenges to the Church of England in its current attitudes to gay people and our relationships. You can read the article here and the full… ... Read more