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The Rebel Priest ‘Gay people in the Church are not going to go away’ 8 May 2019 Fr Andrew was interviewed by the Guardian recently about his new post at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, the work of the Campaign and the challenges to the Church of England in its current attitudes to gay people and our relationships. You can read the article here and the full… ... Read more
A prayer of Jim Cotter, 1942 – 16 April 2014 16 April 2019 With thanks to Tracey Byrne for reminding us of this lovely prayer.  On his Year's Mind, may Jim rest in peace and rise in glory. A Prayer Restore the years, O God, that we have lost, that the locusts have eaten. Give to us the future we thought we should… ... Read more
Marcus Green, a leading Evangelical, writes in support of Equal 15 April 2019 Marcus Green, Rector of Steeple Ashton and member of the Living in Love and Faith process, has written a blog welcoming the launch of Equal.  You can find his blog posts here EQUAL is a new campaign, seeking to enable same-sex couples to marry within the Church of England. The… ... Read more
Equal calls upon its supporters to get the message out to the wider Church 13 April 2019 Equal, the Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England, has called upon its supporters to get their laptops, phones and ipads out and recruit supporters to the cause. Since launching the Open Letter to the Bishops has attracted a steady stream of signatories, and by the end of… ... Read more
Church of England pressed to end ban on same-sex marriage – Pink News 13 April 2019 Pink News has covered the launch of the Equal Campaign with a positive story. You can read it here. A new campaign has launched, calling on the Church of England to end its ban on same-sex weddings. The Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England launched on Friday… ... Read more
Number of Church marriages decline by half in just ten years 13 April 2019 The office of National Statistics has released figures that show that fewer than a quarter of all marriages in England and Wales now take place in a place of worship. The number has fallen from nearly 48% less than 20 years ago and continues to decline year on year, even… ... Read more
Equal – The Campaign for Equal Marriage in the CofE launches 13 April 2019 We have officially launched our Campaign with an advert in the Church Times on the fifth anniversary of the wedding of Canon Jeremy Pemberton and Laurence Cunnington.  Our aim is simple - to see the Church of England welcome gay and lesbian couples to celebrate their marriages in Church of… ... Read more
University of Kent seeks meeting with Lambeth Conference organisers 26 March 2019 The University of Kent has come under pressure from its own students and (and here) staff, as well as many others, for agreeing to host the Lambeth Conference, at which the husbands and wives of gay and lesbian bishops have been uninvited.  The University has now issued the following statement… ... Read more
Toronto Bishops issue statement on Lambeth Conference 26 March 2019 The College of Bishops of Toronto have issued a statement in response to the action of the Archbishop of Canterbury in refusing to invite the husband of Bishop Kevin Robertson to the Lambeth Conference in 2020.  It is a model of gentle Anglican faith and patience, tinged with inevitable sadness.… ... Read more
Media storm around ban on spouses of gay and lesbian bishops 18 March 2019 Since banning the spouses of gay and lesbian bishops from attending the Lambeth Conference the Archbishop of Canterbury has faced a barrage of criticism. The ban on the spouses of gay and lesbian bishops from attending the Lambeth Conference has sparked heavy criticism from a wide range of people and… ... Read more