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Media storm around ban on spouses of gay and lesbian bishops 18 March 2019 Since banning the spouses of gay and lesbian bishops from attending the Lambeth Conference the Archbishop of Canterbury has faced a barrage of criticism. The ban on the spouses of gay and lesbian bishops from attending the Lambeth Conference has sparked heavy criticism from a wide range of people and… ... Read more
American bishops criticise Lambeth Conference discrimination 18 March 2019   From the Episcopal News Website: The American Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops said March 15 that it is “aggrieved and distressed” by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s decision to exclude the same-sex spouses of bishops invited to the 2020 Lambeth Conference. Full article here. The bishops of the American… ... Read more
Posted without comment 26 February 2019 Posted without comment.  This is genuine and from the Lambeth Conference Website as of 25th Feb 2019 ... Read more
Methodist Church withdraws from conference over ban on married lesbian 21 February 2019 The Methodist Church has withdrawn from a conference being held later this month after an invitation to one of its lay workers to give the closing keynote address was withdrawn when the organizers discovered that she was a married lesbian. The Joined Up Conference is an annual conference for youth and… ... Read more
Invite a bishop’s husband to your home for Lambeth 21 February 2019 OneBodyOneFaith responds to the failure to invite the husbands and wives of gay and lesbian bishops to the Lambeth Conference. In the light of the disappointing exclusion of the husbands, wives and partners of gay and lesbian bishops from the Lambeth Conference OneBodyOneFaith has issued an invitation to the spouses… ... Read more
Husbands and wives of gay and lesbian bishops banned from Lambeth 2020 19 February 2019 Every decade or so the bishops of the Anglican Communion's constituent Churches are invited by the Archbishop of Canterbury to gather for fellowship, prayer and discussion on the issues affecting the life of the Churches of the Communion for the Lambeth Conference. The next meeting is to be held in… ... Read more
Dr Meg Warner responds to the Church of England Evangelical Council’s book 14 February 2019 Dr Meg Warner is an Old Testament theologian and a member of General Synod. She recently wrote a piece for ViaMedia responding to the publication of a new book by the Church of England Evangelical Council (Glorify God in Your Body) which argued that the only acceptable form of marriage… ... Read more
Good news in the Church in Wales 6 February 2019 In his recent Episcopal Letter (3 February 2019) to the people of the Diocese of Bangor, the Rt Revd Andy John writes about how the Church in Wales should respond to the pastoral needs of same-sex couples and how the Church's teaching on marriage might develop. In his letter he… ... Read more