Same-sex Marriage Forced this Priest to Quit

Recently Channel 4 has created a series of short video documentaries under the title of ‘Love Against The Odds‘. Overcoming prejudice, trauma, struggles and misunderstanding, these relationships show that even when the odds are stacked against them, love can conquer all. The documentaries are available on YouTube at

In one of these Channel 4 short videos, Life after Church: Same-sex Marriage Forced this Priest to Quit, the Revd Andrew Foreshew-Cain, a priest and a former vicar in the C of E, and his husband Stephen Foreshew-Cain speak about what happened to them – and to Andrew in particular – after they were married in 2014. It is a disturbing account of homophobic prejudice, abuse, and being forbidden by the Church to continue with the priestly ministry to which Andrew had been called by God. And yet through it all Andrew and Stephen’s marriage has stayed strong, as has Andrew’s Christian faith.

Andrew Foreshew-Cain is one of the founders of the Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England and continues to serve as a member of the Campaign’s organizing team.