Event: An Inclusive Introduction to Living in Love and Faith

A workshop to explore the content of the LLF resources from an inclusive perspective About this Event The Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England invites you to join us for a morning workshop to explore the content and principles of the LLF resources from an inclusive perspective. The workshop, which is free …

An Invitation to the Feast: A positive biblical approach to equal marriage

This excellent article by Simon Taylor, Canon Chancellor of Derby Cathedral, is taken from Modern Believing, the journal of Modern Church.  Many of us are looking for strong arguments based firmly on Scripture and this is one of the best in an increasing field of research, study and argument.  Highly recommended. You can download the …

Reasonable and Holy

Reasonable and Holy presents a calm, reasoned argument for why same-sexuality is part of God’s creation and takes nothing away from opposite-sex couples and institutions. It shows how the marriage of same-sex couples fits well within the Christian understanding of marriage when examined in the light of Scripture, tradition and reason.

More Perfect Union

Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, analyses the arguments for and against the marriage of same-sex couples in the Church and concludes unequivocally that the Church of England should accept and celebrate equal marriage.