Support the Campaign

If you would like to support the Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England, there are some suggestions


Some suggestions for prayer:

  • Pray for the leadership of the Church of England, for wisdom to find the right way forward and for hearts open to change and the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Thank God for the gift of marriage and all its blessings in love and faithfulness
  • Pray for the work of the Equal Campaign and those who lead it, that we may have wisdom, courage, determination, perseverance and open hearts
  • Pray for a spirit of reconciliation and respect between those who disagree about equal marriage and the place of LGBTQIA+ people in the Church’s life and ministry
  • Pray for a just and loving outcome of Living in Love and Faith and the ongoing discussions and debates
  • Pray for all loving couples who are planning to marry, that they may have a joyful wedding and a fruitful life together
  • Pray for those Christian married couples who experience discrimination and loss because of they are of the same sex: may the God of love comfort, strengthen and vindicate them.

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Please consider donating to the Equal Campaign if you can. We don’t have any other sources of funding, and every pound, euro or dollar donated goes towards our work.

There is a Donate button at the left of the menu bar on every page (and below). The button opens a donation popup, powered by Stripe, where you can pay by credit or debit card.

Sign up as a Supporter of the Campaign

If you agree with our Aims, please sign up as a Supporter of the Campaign. If you are also willing to be publicly listed as a Supporter, that’s even better – but it’s optional, as we recognize that not everyone is in a position to do that.

Supporters will receive regular newsletters and invitations to events and to take part in specific campaign actions (which of course are entirely optional). When you sign up you will also have the option to receive two Equal badges free of charge – they normally cost £1.99.

Offer to help us in our work

If there’s something you might be able to do to help the Campaign, please contact us and tell us about it – we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. If you sign up as a Supporter, you can offer help as part of filling in the form, or afterwards if you update your record.

Spread the word

Tell others about the Campaign

Why not talk to people at church about Equal and encourage them to visit our website? And you could mention the Campaign on social media. You might want to write a supportive letter to the Church Times or Church of England Newspaper, or even to take part in a radio phone-in.

If you are involved with Living in Love and Faith, for example by taking part in the LLF Course, please do tell others that you support equal marriage and why. You can share the address of this website ( and suggest they visit it. And please do send feedback to the LLF Next Steps group – see here for details of how to do this.

Download flyers, posters and leaflets

We are producing a range of flyers, posters and leaflets about the Campaign and the issue of equal marriage in church. Right now there are just a couple of simple flyers suitable for a church noticeboard, but more will be on their way soon. All these resources are downloadable free as PDF files that can be printed on A3, A4 or A5 paper.

Wear an ‘Equal’ badge

Set of two Campaign badgesWe have two great lapel badges available, one with the Equal symbol and one with ‘Equal’ in logo form. They are available in sets of two (one each of the two designs). The more you buy, the cheaper they are. Why not order twenty sets, wear one set yourself and give the others away to like-minded friends? Visit our store here.

If you sign up as a Supporter of the Campaign (see above), you will have the option to receive one set of badges free of charge, and we hope soon to make them available to buy for a modest price.