Categorized List of Supporters

This is a categorized list of all the verified Supporters of the Equal Campaign who have chosen to allow their name and/or organization to be displayed publicly, divided into sections (to be decided). An uncategorized list of Supporters is also available.

By default the lists are sorted by signup date, most recent first. You can sort the lists differently by using the Sort form at the top of each list; there is also a Search form. To see the details of an individual Supporter, click on their surname.

If you are a Supporter, you can edit your own record by using the private link you received by email. If you can no longer access the email, please go to this page to request a reminder of your private link.

All verified Supporters
who have chosen to allow their name and/or organization to be displayed publicly

Sorry, the categorized list is not yet available. The list below is, for now, the same as the one on the (uncategorized) List of Supporters page.

To see the details of an individual Supporter, click on their surname.

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Total Records: 448, showing 25 per page
TitleFirst NameLast NameOrganizationDate Signed
Ms Helen Cremins 18 October 2021
Dr James Henshall 17 October 2021
Mx Rachael Roark 15 October 2021
Ms Heather Graber 5 October 2021
Mr Stephen Barry-Stanners 24 September 2021
Mr James Reid 18 September 2021
Mr Paul Waddell 17 September 2021
The Revd Simeon Bishop 17 September 2021
Ms Mary O'Neill 17 September 2021
Mr Christopher Howard 16 September 2021
Mr Craig Chitty 11 September 2021
Mrs Emma Harrington 7 September 2021
Mr Oliver Lincoln 7 September 2021
Mr Darren Spallin 7 September 2021
Ms Elinor Clapson 6 September 2021
Ms Bethan Schad 6 September 2021
Rev Julia Lacey 5 September 2021
Dr David Lappano 2 September 2021
Mr Daniel Oliver 1 September 2021
Ms Catherine Waithaka 31 August 2021
Kev Smart 31 August 2021
Mr Martin Coe 28 August 2021
Revd Canon Alan Race 23 August 2021
Mr Matthew Parkes 21 August 2021
Paul Griffiths 21 August 2021