Susannah and Karina (1)

Susannah and Karina

Marriage is about givenness and devotion, and it seemed only right to express that sacramentally, in the context of God’s givenness to us. For us, marriage is an opportunity to share our joy, our happiness, our devotion, with God and with the people we love. Regardless of gender, that givenness is at the heart of our relationship: the love, the care, the cost, the laughter, the sorrows, the sharing, the pleasures and sometimes sacrifices. In our marriage we find something sacred, something blessed by God, something we can share with other people. It is so lovely to be accepted by others at our church – a church that believes in welcome, inclusion, and acceptance of people for who they are. Marriage blesses the community and not just the individuals involved. Gay and lesbian people are a blessing for their community, and we feel our love is decent, tender, caring – as precious and lovely as any other couple’s. Marriage has deepened our covenant with each other and our covenant with God.