Vigils for Equal Marriage while the bishops meet

Following the results of the LLF consultation, Living in Love and Faith has entered its final phase, ‘Discernment and Decision‘. The College of Bishops is having a series of meetings to discuss the way forward for the Church, the next (and last) of which is next week, 12–14 December 2022.

At this meeting the bishops hope to decide what formal proposals will be presented to the General Synod in February 2023. At this crunch point, vigils are being organized to pray for the bishops and to pray that they will have the vision and Spirit-led courage to embrace equal marriage for all couples, so that we can truly be “all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3.28).

Details of London vigilAll the vigils are on Tuesday 13 December 2022, all but one being from 18.00 until 19.30 (Derby is half an hour earlier). The main vigil is in London (at St Paul’s, Covent Garden), and there are others at Newcastle Cathedral, Derby Cathedral (during Evensong) and Leominster Priory. If you know of any others, please message us asap using our contact form.

For more details of the individual vigils and their venues, see

If you are able to come to one of the vigils, please do. If you can’t make it physically, why not join in prayer with those who can, lighting a candle and sharing a picture of the candle on social media((e.g. on our Facebook group at, so we can come together virtually. You could even organize a last-minute vigil in your church or locality.