What do the logos and badges mean?

Campaign logo

Equal logo - large
Equal logo – large

The Campaign logo comes in three forms – large, medium and small – for use in different contexts depending on the space available. The core of all three forms is the word ‘Equal‘ with the capital ‘E’ replaced by the Equal symbol (see below).

Equal logo - medium
Equal logo – medium
Equal logo - small
Equal logo – small

Equal symbol

Equal symbol
Equal symbol

The Equal Campaign also has its own symbol, which is a superimposed ‘c’ for ‘church’ and ‘=’ (equals sign). The standard colour of the symbol is dark blue; when more than one colour is available the equals sign is orange (see left). In the headers of the website the equals sign changes from dark blue to orange when the pointer/cursor hovers over it.

Equal badges

The two badges are of the Equal symbol and the small logo.
This photograph shows the current version of the badges.

Set of two Campaign badges
Two Campaign badges