What do the logos and badges mean?

Equal logo - medium
Equal logo – medium

The Campaign logo comes in three forms – large, medium and small – for use in different contexts depending on the space available.

Equal logo - large
Equal logo – large

The core of all three forms is the word ‘Equal‘ with the capital ‘E’ replaced by the Church of England symbol, which is a superimposed ‘c’ and ‘e’ plus a vertical stroke to form a cross; the symbol is dull lilac in colour.

Equal logo - small
Equal logo – small
Equal symbol
Equal symbol

The Equal Campaign also has its own symbol, which is the Church of England symbol with an orange ‘equals’ sign overlaying it; the cross then becomes two-barred, as in the Cross of Lorraine ().

The two badges currently available are of the small logo and the Equal symbol.

Set of two Campaign badges
Two Campaign badges