What happens if I decide not to remain a Supporter?

Naturally we hope you will feel able to continue as a Supporter of the Campaign – our cause is important, and we should be sorry to lose you, or indeed anyone who believes in equal marriage in the Church.

However, if at any time you decide to cease being a Supporter, simply update your information (see below) and uncheck the checkbox labelled ‘Supporter’, then click the ‘Update Record’ button. You will then no longer be counted as a Supporter and will not receive Supporter emails (including newsletters).

To update your information, please see this FAQ: How do I update my Supporter information?

If you change your mind later on, you don’t need to sign up a second time – just update your information again and check the ‘Supporter’ checkbox .

If your decision to leave us is final, you can also ask us to delete all your information – just send us a message via the Contact page and we will do so.