Why hasn’t my signup as a Supporter succeeded?

Problems signing up as a Supporter of the Campaign

[1] You signed up as a Supporter, and selected the checkbox to allow your name to be displayed publicly – but it hasn’t appeared in the List of Supporters.
[2] You have received an email from us with the subject ‘Your signup as a Supporter of the Equal Campaign has not yet been verified’.

The most likely reason for your signature not appearing is that you haven’t verified your email address yet.

To do this, you need to click the private link in the acknowledgement email you should have received after signing, or the subsequent email referred to above. If you haven’t received either email, try:

  • checking your spam/junk folder
  • go to this page and ask for another acknowledgement email to be sent to you; make sure you give the same email address as you signed up with.

If you’re sure you have already done this, perhaps your name is in the list after all? If you allowed your name to be displayed publicly, try going to the List of Supporters and search for your surname, using the search form above the list.

If there still seems to be a problem, it is possible that you mistyped your email address when signing up, in which case the necessary emails will have bounced back. Please contact us with your full name and email address and we will investigate.